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Lorena turns everything into cotton—even cotton itself! With this soft fiber being one of our staple raw materials, she wanted to dedicate a collection to it, namely the Tribute to Cotton one. With great attention to detail, the Indian craftswomen at our factory have managed to capture raw cotton bolls in the form of a garland. Perfect for a nursery theme all wrapped in cotton!

COLORS: Soft Linen, Ivory
COMPOSITION: 97% cotton, 3% other fibres


ARTISANALLY HANDCRAFTED ONE BY ONE in India. Each piece is one of a kind, which may cause very slight variations from one to another.
NON-TOXIC DYES - Color shades may vary slightly, especially if the fiber is undyed.
SAFE - This product is non-toxic and complies with all quality and safety regulations for children. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certified.


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