Customizing your rug has never been easier

Step 1: Choose your material

Step 2: Select your preferred color

Step 3: Choose your desired size

Step 4: Pick your delivery location

Step 5: Voila! Sit back and relax while we handcraft your unique rug!


Handcrafted with care, our artisanal custom-made rugs are not only sustainable, but also one-of-a-kind works of art. Due to their handmade nature, there may be slight variations +/-5%  - from the dimensions you provide

And the best part? Our custom rugs are washable, making them a practical choice for any home. It doesn't matter if they are made of wool or cotton, all of them can be washed!



With three different materials to choose you can design the rug of your dreams.

COTTON: Lightweight, practical, and washable. Cotton is soft natural, and renewable fiber with many properties. Cotton rug made in allover short pile (height 0,5 in).

WOOL: Wool is a natural fiber with insulation and moisture-wicking capabilities. Artisan-made and lightweight, our WOOLABLE® patent makes our wool rugs washable too. A washable wool rug, tufted in a solid color soft wool pile (height 0,6 in).

WOOL PREMIUM: Our premium wool rugs are handcrafted using natural undyed wool from various sheep species to showcase their true colors. We blend it with 20% New Zealand wool for added softness and durability. Note that natural color variations may occur between lots. A washable wool rug, tufted in an extra soft premium wool quality (height 0,6 in).


If you need some help with your custom rug we will be happy to help you. Contact us by phone Phone (+16096430188) from 8am to 5pm or you can fill out our contact form. You can also take a look at our frequently asked questions.