Playful designs for every child's room

Lorena Canals offers a delightful range of washable rugs designed specifically for kids' rooms. These rugs feature playful designs that spark imagination and joy, making them a perfect addition to any child's space. From whimsical patterns to vibrant colors, find a rug that your child will love.

Easy maintenance for busy families
Our washable rug collection is a dream come true for parents. Stain-resistant and machine washable, these rugs are designed to withstand the spills and adventures of everyday play. Easy to clean and maintain, they ensure that your child's room remains a healthy and clean environment.

Cozy and safe play spaces
Create a cozy and safe play area with our soft and durable kids rugs. Choose a kids wool rug for added warmth and comfort. Our rugs not only add a layer of cushioning to your child's play area but also help to reduce noise, making them ideal for active playtimes.

More than just a rug
Lorena Canals rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are a foundation for imaginative play and learning. Complement your child's room with our range of green toys, designed to inspire creativity and sustainable play. Together, our rugs and toys create an engaging and eco-friendly play environment for your child.