LORENA CANALS USA, Inc. will only except payment by credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard), PayPal and American Express.

Payment by credit or debit card:
LORENA CANALS USA, Inc. accepts payment for purchases made through its website using the following credit or debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard. The money will be taken online, in other words in real time, through the payment gateway of the bank in question, once it has been established that the data are correct.

Payment by PayPal
LORENA CANALS USA, Inc. accepts payment with Paypal.

Secure Payment:
For Lorena Canals, security in online purchases is imperative. All transactions are carried out through secure payment systems and confidential payment details are transmitted directly and in an encrypted format (SSL) to the bank. The information is sent with 256 bit encryption, preventing security problems and any customer data from reaching third parties. The Spanish Data Protection Agency recommends installing a digital certificate. Certificates come with third party liability insurance in the event of a failure to cover damages.