In the event of not wishing to keep a product, you have 15 calendar days to return it, counting from the day you receive it.

The return is free exclusively when Lorena Canals manages the return. If the customer sends a product on his own, it will always be at his own expense. The customer must bear the costs for return deliveries from Canada.

To request a return, please log in to your account through this link, select the item you want to return, and provide the reason for returning the product. This information helps us improve our service and products.
Our customer service will analyze the case, and we will give you an answer within the next 48 hours with the instructions.



  • The product must be in the original packaging in which it arrived or in packaging of similar characteristics.
  • If there are various products to return, all the items should be grouped into a single package to facilitate the return.
  • Once the products have been received and examined in our warehouse, please allow 2-3 week to Lorena Canals to refund your credit cart upon receipt. The refund will be made by the same method of payment used at the time of purchase (Credit Card, Paypal...). I
  • If you have paid for shipping cost with your order, they will not be refunded.
  • The product will be deemed to have been returned in perfect condition if, as well as being free of blemishes, it possesses the various labels showing the product details and quality/care information. In the event of not fulfilling one of these requirements it will not be possible to accept the return.
  • We offer you warranties on the products that we commercialize through this web page, responding therefore, by the lack of conformity in a term of two years from the delivery of the product.