Lorena Canals presents: Planet Bee. Where bees buzz freely, bringing the world of honey, bears, and flowers to life in children's decor. Our collection, from interactive rugs with flowers and bees to bear-shaped poufs and flower cushions, adds both fun and education to your child's space, raising awareness about the crucial role of bees and nature.

Transform Your Living Space with Planet Bee Rugs

Our Planet Bee rugs are designed to offer both fun and practicality. These interactive rugs ensure endless entertainment, making them perfect for high-traffic living areas and families with green toys scattered around.

Choosing the Perfect Interactive Play Rug

Selecting the right interactive play rug can change the entire feel of your child's playroom. Our collection offers a variety of styles to fit any decor, ensuring your play space is both inviting and engaging.

Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Interactive Rugs

Creating a child-friendly and pet-friendly space is easy with our interactive rugs. Just like our area rugs, they are durable, washable, and provide a safe area for children and pets to play.

Interactive Rugs for Every Room

Our interactive rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are a blend of fun and elegance, adding warmth and texture to your living area while being practical for everyday use. Complement them with our kitchen rugs for a cohesive look throughout your home.

On Planet Bee, bees work hard pollinating flowers, ensuring the growth of nature and our food. Join us in creating a playful learning environment, fostering an appreciation for bees and the environment at home with the Planet Bee collection. No bees mean no plants, no food, no planet!