Edgar Plans x Lorena Canals


  • Sustainable

  • Solidary

  • Handcrafted

  • Made with RWS Certified wool

  • Washable

  • Woolable Patent


Lorena Canals comes to the world of art with the internationally renowned urban-inspired artist Edgar Plans. An exclusive, limited edition design with only 100 numbered units issued, for the delight of Edgar Plans fans. A textile canvas where doodles and paint blotches, from Edgar Plans's Wall Notes paintings series, are traced on the rug in the colors of wool. The perfect excuse to let one’s imagination run wild while walking barefoot on a plush painting!

Comes with an enclosed handmade textile scrapbook that visually explains the collaboration process, with miniature rugs from the collection, embroidered quotes of each animal hero, design drafts, and even a detachable hand sewn superhero mask! A true collector's piece to treasure. It also comes packed in an illustrated cotton tote bag, including a complimentary anti-slip underlay.

Product details

Composition: Pile: 100% Wool; Base: Recycled Cotton

Thickness: 0.59''

Washing & Care instructions

Wash separatetly at 86 °F maximum

Do no use bleach of fabric softeners

Use a gentle cycle for braids or fringes

We recommend using our special sustainable soap

We recommend using our dryer balls to ensure a longer lifespan

Tumble dry at low temperature. Do not leave in the washer

Avoid continuous exposure to sun

If you find a long thread cut it with scissors. Never pull it

Use a low powered vacuum cleaner regulary

Clean spots & absorbs liquids

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