Lightweight, practical, and above all, washable.
Cotton is a natural and renewable fiber, known for its high absorption and insulation properties.
Not only is it soft and comfortable to the touch, but it is also hypoallergenic, durable and easy to clean, all which make a cotton rug an excellent choice for your home. Cotton rug made in allover short pile (height 0,5 in)

As a highly appreciated natural fiber, wool has exceptional natural performance properties. It’s a sustainable fiber because it is biodegradable and naturally renewable and it’s known for its insulating qualities, keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer.
Stylish, with incredible textures, our patent-registered WOOLABLE® range made us the first in the world to offer washable wool rugs.
Artisanally made, lightweight, and less rigid than traditional tufted wool rugs, the Woolable rugs will function better in lower-traffic areas. A washable wool rug, tufted in a solid color soft wool pile (height 0,6 in).

Premium quality wool rugs handcrafted in India using our selected natural undyed wool, sourced from different sheep species worldwide to show off their true colors.
The yarn has been mixed with 20% of the finest New Zealand wool for extra softness and long-lasting quality.
These natural color shades may vary slightly from one lot to another. A washable wool rug, tufted in an extra soft premium wool quality (height 0,6 in)