Kate Keesee

“As a stylist and designer I have been using Lorena Canals rugs in my home for over two years now. The quality of their rugs is unmatched and to have a washable rug makes it hands down the best. I recently received the latest of their new Woolable Rugs and I’m deeply in love with this product. Lorena Canals rugs are my first choice for my interior designs and home decor spaces".


Victoria Askerow

“For 3 years I own several rugs from Lorena Canals and am impressed not only by the quality and the design but also because you can wash the rugs in the washing machine at home! What really amazes and surprises me is that Lorena created a new concept called Woolable! The first wool washable rugs, which you can also wash in the washing machine. What is better in a household with children? The quality and workmanship is great and the absolute highlight in our living room!".

Karina Vigier (2).png

Karina Vigier
CEO & Founder Kids Magazine

“I was amazed by washing rugs in a washing machine. What a wonderful idea, ingenious, practical. Only a woman, a passionate and so creative mother could be at the origin of such a project. And I love this woman, with her Iberian temperament, who does not know how to hide her bad mood or calm her laughter. She is the whole person. Her name is Lorena and having one of her carpets at home is pure bliss!".


Amanda Scott 

Before we had a Lorena Canals rug, food was a big no-no in the playroom not to mention drinks! Now that they have this Lorena Canals rug in their playroom, I’m not afraid of them eating a snack in there! Reason being is because these rugs are WASHABLE! This company keeps in mind children and how they generally function. Making washable rugs is SUCH a brilliant idea and I am so glad that I found them and they are now a part of our home".


Laura Scott

“Loving our Lorena Canals Rug! It's handmade from non-toxic materials and the main reason we love it – machine washable! And easily rolls up into our toy closet when we’re not using it".


Coury Combs

“I am feeling pretty good about letting her play on this machine-washable and all natural Lorena Canals rugs".


Chelsea Harmeyer

I am such a huge fan of Lorena Canals. Their rugs are not only beautiful, but the fact that they are machine washable is a total game changer especially when you have children and pets. The quality is amazing and they are always on trend with colors and prints".


Megan Stokes
Blogger: Holy City Chic

And this rug. I was just introduced to Lorena Canals and I'm so glad that I was because I foresee a long friendship with this children's rugs company. This company chooses the best raw materials, only uses natural dyes (which is great since babies crawl all over rugs), and makes sure that no child labor is used in the production process. There are so many cute designs. Like, seriously cute. We decided on the stars rug. I'm not really a stars person to be honest—would have thought polka dots would be the one we were drawn to, but the stars are ADORABLE".


Lauren Mcbride

Loving this cozy, soft rug from Lorena Canals under Noelle's Tee Pee. And the best part, it's machine washable".

Sarah Van Peteghem

"I have placed the Autumn Breeze rug next to my bed and it’s such a pleasure to be able to place my feed on it in the morning once I get out of bed. The rug is very soft and fluffy and I love that it’s machine washable, especially for the bedroom."

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