Nursery room rugs

Lorena Canals marks the difference in the field of nursery room rugs, since our brand offers a variety of contemporary and attractive designs with a very special advantage: the possibility to wash them with washing machine. This facilitates the preservation of hygiene with the maximum comfort for the family. Our washable rugs are 100% cotton, following traditional methods. We provide an innovative option without neglecting the optimum levels of quality and the safety you always want when it comes to materials that will be in touch with the youngest ones of the house.

Nursery room rugs with a variety of designs

Through our website you will have all the facilities to discover the great variety of nursery room rugs and place your order easily to receive your purchase at home. Explore the great variety of designs we offer, from the most conventional to the most original; discover our proposals for decoration and check the attractive technical features of these products. Our rugs for boys and girls bedrooms are warm and welcoming.

Along with our outstanding types of washable cotton rugs, it’s worth taking a look to our collection of cushions, which are also compatible with the washing machine and are available in classic and more fun formats, with nice textures and colors. We contribute to the decoration of your children’s bedrooms with attractive materials, which by the way are safe for them, while we play our part creating a pleasant and more comfortable day-to-day for you.

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