Machine washable area rugs

machine washable area rugsAt Lorena Canals we have gained great popularity thanks to our ability to provide machine washable rugs that add comfort to the standards of quality and design. We offer, in this way, an incentive to decorate spaces with taste by using attractive and durable textiles, with the unique charm of a hand crafted product, the selection of high quality raw materials and a strong personality in design. Our specialty is rugs for kids rooms, with collections that capture the most interesting lifestyles to decorate these special spaces, that ensure the quality and reach the required safety for children products.

When it comes to purchasing nursery room rugs for a baby or a small child, there is no doubt you want to have the very best the market can offer. That’s why in the design studio of Lorena Canals we strive to put at your disposal rug designs that are entirely satisfactory, that excites you to place it as an important element in the bedroom, with the comfort of knowing that the material it is made of is perfectly safe and durable.

Washing machine washable rugs for kids rooms

The qualities that characterize our machine washable rugs have brought us the acceptance from customers all around the world and have helped us to expand our global presence, to more than 30 countries. In the United States, our collections are distributed by many specialized stores, which you can easily find on our website. Of course, we also give you the opportunity to make your purchase directly from the Lorena Canals online store, so you can receive in a few days your new rug at home. You will enjoy choosing from the many decorating ideas at your disposal, and have the additional satisfaction of contributing to our charitable projects in India.

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