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Do you make rugs in special sizes?

We offer different sizes in each quality:

• Washable: 4`x 5`3" (120x160cm), 4`8"x 6`7" (140x200cm), 3`x 5`3"(90x160cm), 2`6" x 4`(80x120cm) and 2`6"x 7`6" (80x230cm).

• Acrylic: 4`x 5`3" (120x160cm), 4`8"x 6`7" (140x200cm), 6`7" x 9`8"(200x300cm) and 2`6"x 7" (80x200cm).

• Woolable: 2`6" x 4`8"(80x140cm), 4`8" x 6`7" (140x200cm), 2`9" x 7`9"(90x240cm), 5`6" x 7`9" (170x240cm), 6`7" x 9`8" (200x300cm), and Ø160cm.

If you need a smaller rug because you don't know if it will fit at the room because of a bed or a piece of furniture, you can choose one of our washable cotton rugs. They are thin, light and flexible, so you can put part of the rug under the furniture without any problem. In case you need a bigger piece, you can combine some rugs in different colors or designs. You will get an original and harmonious room.

What other products match my rug?

Lorena Canals also designs machine-washable cushions that combine with all of our rugs. We have also at your disposal a collection of cotton and wool blankets. You can mix different rugs at the same room as well! We offer all the essential items to create the nicest and coziest rooms.

Can I wash the cushions?

Of course! Our cushions are machine-washable.

Some of them you just introduce them directly in the washing machine. The outside cover is made of 100% natural cotton and the filler is 100% polyester. 

Other Cushions you should only wash the cover and remove de filler with the zipper. 

Make sure to use a gentle cycle, and a temperature of maximum 30ºC.

We also recommend you to read carefully the Washing & Care instructions in each case. You can see the washing and care instructions of our washable cushions here.

What would happen if I leave my washable rug or cushion in the washing machine for an extended period?

Due to our natural dyes, we highly recommend you not to leave your wet washable rugs or cushions for over a long period of time inside the washing machine. If so, the different colours could be mixed. Moreover, once the washing process is finished, you should spread the rug or cushion for proper drying. You can also use a dryer if you want to.

Can I use the dryer to dry the washable rugs and cushions?

Yes, our washable rugs and cushions can be dried in a dryer at low temperature. You can see the washing and care instructions of our washable rugs here and of our washable cushions here.

Can I use softener to wash my rugs and cushions? 

The softener has chemical components that can damage the rugs and cushions, so we recommend you not to use it to wash the products. You can see the washing and care instructions of our washable rugs here and of our washable cushions here. 

Will the rug fit in my washing machine?

Washable Cotton Rugs. The capacity required for each size is set out below:

  • 120 x 160 cm: 6 kg Ø 120 cm: 5 kg
  • 140 x 200 cm: 9 kg Ø 140 cm: 6 kg
  • 90 x 160 cm: 6 kg Ø 150 cm: 6 kg
  • 80 x 120 cm: 5 kg Ø 160 cm: 7 kg
  • 80 x 230 cm: 6 kg Cojines Lavables: 6 kg
  • Colección Puffy: 9 kg Cestas de algodón: 8 kg

Woolable Rugs. The capacity required for each size is set out below:

  • 80 x 140 cm: 6 kg
  • 120 x 160 cm: 6 kg 
  • 140 x 200 cm: 9 kg 
  • 170 x 240 cm: 13 kg
  • 200 x 300 cm: 17 kg
  • 90 x 240 cm: 9 kg
  • Ø 160 cm: 9 kg
  • Poufs: 9 kg

On the label on the backside of each rug, you will find the recommended washing machine capacity for your rug. Please read carefully the Washing & Care instructions in each case.

For bigger size wool rugs, if your home washing machine does not have the necessary capacity, they can be easily washed at laundry services which normally offer machines with more capacity.

I need a non-slip underlay for my washable rug:

Lorena Canals offers high quality non-slip PVC underlays to put under the rug and avoid slipping. They are tightly woven and are available in two sizes, both for rugs of 120 x 160 cm and 140 x 200 cm.

Woolable Rugs: When you buy a rug from our Woolable Collection you will receive - included in the price - a separate non-slip underlay already adapted to the size of your rug, helping you keep your rug in place.

My rug is still losing fluff. Is it normal?

Our rugs are made of natural fibers and the production process is artisanal, so don't worry if fluff appears; this is normal as it is residue from the cutting of the yarn. Each rug is handmade, and the details are finished with scissors. It's helpful to sweep the rug with a stiff broom in the direction of the plush for the first few days. After that, a vacuum cleaner should be frequently used. You can view the production process of our washable rugs here and see their washing and care instructions here.

Woolable Rugs: Wool rugs will shed fibers when new and during use. This is not a defect, but a characteristic of the natural wool fiber used, and this is totally normal.

Brush or groom your rug weekly, or more often if needed. Use a clean broom or a pet brush but avoid any product that is harsh on the fibers, such as metal brushes.

Vacuum your wool rug at least once or twice a week, especially in the first few months. We recommend regular vacuum cleaning using low-powered vacuum cleaner with high-pile setting, to remove any loose fibers. 

My rug does not have the same color than the photo in the catalog

Please embrace any inconsistencies. Like the manufacturing process as a whole, our rugs' dyeing is also an artisanal process. We use natural and non-toxic dyes boiled in water, so sometimes the final color may vary slightly. This handmade process is our hallmark of quality: each rug is unique, no two are alike. You can view the production process of our washable rugs here. 

My rug is a little bit longer/shorter than the original size

Please embrace any inconsistencies. Our rugs are handmade by an artisanal process. Each piece is cut by hand, so size variations may occur. You can view the production process of our washable rugs here.

When I open my rug it has folding marks, how can I remove them?

Those marks are from being folded and stored for a certain time. But don’t worry, they will disappear. 

When it comes to our Cotton rugs, you can dry your rug in the tumble dryer 10 min at low temperature before using it, which will help eliminating the folding marks formed during packing / shipment. 

On the contrary, for our Woolable rugs, we recommend you letting them lay flat and allow the pile to condition at room temperature for 2-3 days, then brush or vacuum as normal to allow the pile to recover. 

For long-pile shaggy rugs, you can also restore its original look by gently running your fingers through the pile and fluffing it up.

My rug is less rigid than I thought

The washable rugs have to be flexible to fit in a washing machine. We have at your disposal different thicknesses, but all of our washable rugs are lightweight and we can easily move them from place to place. This makes them very practical, not only for being able to wash them at home whenever we need it, but also for moving them around according our needs.

Do the rugs lose out color when washing them?

We recommend you to wash them separately, because the first time you wash them, some color may come out. You can see the washing and care instructions of our washable rugs here.

My rug has some bent marks:

Those marks are from being bent and stored for a long time. If you wash the rug in a short washing, those marks will disappear.

How do I know if my rug is really from Lorena Canals?

All of our rugs have the Lorena Canals' signature sewed on the back, which certificates their quality and authenticity. You can view the production process of our washable rugs here.

Can my rug be exposed to the sun?

The sun may damage the rug’s color because it’s made with 100% cotton and with natural dyes. Avoid continuous exposure to the sun.

How can I store my rug and keep it in good condition?

Washable Cotton Rugs:

Our rugs are easy to fold and keep in a closet or somewhere not too sunny or humid. We recommend covering the rug by a cotton sheet or using our cotton bags. You can also roll it to avoid having marks after being folded for a long time. Make sure the rug is clean before storing. When you want to use it again, you can just put it in the dryer and make any wrinkle disappear.

Woolable rugs:

A thorough cleaning of the rug before storage removes any food traces that might attract insects or other pests as well as dust that can attract moths.

The appearance of carpet beetles on a wool rug is not uncommon, due to the natural fiber being of animal origin. We recommend washing, drying and vacuuming your rug thoroughly before storage.

Placing sachets of dried lavender across the wool rug will help as a repellent against moth and carpet beetles. We do not recommend the use of mothballs containing chemicals.

Lay the rug flat on the floor with the pile side up. Roll the rug or fold it carefully.

Wrap the folded rug in a clean cotton sheet or use our practical cotton bag for storage. The rug must be able to “breathe”, so do not use airtight plastic bags.

Store the rug in a cool, dry area with good ventilation. If possible, avoid storing the rug at ground level.

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