Children's area rugs

children's area rugsLorena Canals has spent years specializing in children area rugs, obeying the highest standards of quality, covering a wide range and variety of designs made with taste and meeting the preferences of families with different lifestyles. Lorena Canals cares for the creation and production of rugs, paying careful attention to each detail. The result is a wide range of products that enjoy fully acceptance in no less than thirty countries, which have been featured in various fairs and trade events dedicated to home decor and children's products.

The wide range of children’s rugs we are offering results into a great collection with different patterns, colors and diverse handmade elaboration processes. Produce different sizes of rugs to assure that you will find the perfect one that matches your requirements. In our online store you can always find a large list of machine washable rugs, considering that in any case you will enjoy a first-rate fabric product, completely safe for children.

Online selling children’s rugs

Buy with confidence on our website and treat yourself to choose your favorite model from among the many options we have available in our online shop. We accept different payment methods and offer a two-week return period. You can also access our store locator to find the closest establishment to your home, so you can come and see our rugs firsthand and purchase directly our marvelous rugs for kids rooms. We are pleased to be more present in prestigious shops around the world every day.

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