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      Our brained cotton basket in Muted color is very practical to store all sort of objects, such as toys, magazines or clothes, also other uses like flowerpot. These characteristics makes this storage basket a functional element for any space in the home. His spherical-shaped design gets it the form of a cotton ball. As it has been handmade with artisanal...
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      You can find the perfect accessory to complete your home decor in our new storage basket in a ceramic bowl form. With an irregular shape and small opening on the top, this cotton basket allows us to store any type of object such as, toys, soap, books, also could be used like a flowerpot. It is handmade produced, which makes each piece unique, giving it an...
    • $45.00 In Stock
      New sewing techniques have been used to create this brained cotton basket with a ceramic bowl form, irregular shapes and a small opening on the top. This basket can be used as a flowerpot, also like storage basket to keep clean and tidy your home. As soft tones and simple colors has been used, this blue basket is very easy to combine with accessories o...
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