ABC_Kids_Expo_Highlights and Lorena Canals
Babies and toddlers spend lots of time on the floor. Their little bodies are, of course, closer to the ground. But that also means they’re closer to the dirt. Not to worry: Lorena Canals washable rugs combine striking design with toss-­it-­in-­the-­wash convenience. For 2017, the company is showing a variety of patterns in black and cream, which Antonelli says is totally on-­trend for nursery design. She’s tried and washed the rugs, and is very pleased with how they perform. While parents may buy them for the nursery, they’ll be great for the playroom as kids get older (I wouldn’t mind having one in my entryway, and I’m a grown-­up). The Lorena Canals rugs are available now with new designs launching through 2017.

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